Commerce publishes model ordinances to support the development of middle housing

The Department of Commerce has published final model ordinances and guidance for cities and counties required to include middle housing under HB 1110 (2023). To account for differing middle housing requirements based on population, one model ordinance has been prepared to assist cities 25,000 in population and greater; another for those cities less than 25,000 in population.

Middle housing is defined as “buildings that are compatible in scale, form, and character with single-family houses and contain two or more attached, stacked, or clustered homes including duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, fiveplexes, sixplexes, townhouses, stacked flats, courtyard apartments, and cottage housing.”

The model ordinances include specific legislative requirements, and the accompanying user’s guide provides guidance on common development standards to facilitate middle housing development, which local jurisdictions may adjust based on local preferences. For more information please visit our Planning for Middle Housing webpage.

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