Small Communities Initiative

Providing project development technical assistance to small, rural communities that must upgrade their drinking water or wastewater systems


The Small Communities Initiative (SCI) Program provides technical assistance to small, rural communities required to meet the same public health and environmental mandates as larger cities, but often lacking the administrative, technical or financial capacity to do so effectively. The program:
    • Works with small, rural cities, unincorporated communities, utility districts and water associations referred by the departments of Health and Ecology.
    • Provides technical advice and facilitation services to local elected officials and staff to develop infrastructure projects, make strategic investments, identify and access appropriate fund sources.

Strategic Goal

Provide technical assistance to rural communities upgrading their drinking water or wastewater systems

Fast Facts

SCI is a collaborative effort between the departments of Commerce, Health, and Ecology.

Projects in SCI communities usually take two to seven years to complete planning, design and construction.

SCI is a three FTE program with regional offices in Olympia and Spokane.

Funding Resources


Claire Miller
Program Manager
Spokane Office
Phone: 509.505.3046

Cynthia Wall Fuller
Project Manager
Spokane Office
Phone: 509.934.0036