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The Department of Commerce is responsible for a State Strategic Plan and Annual Report to the legislature on Washington state’s efforts to address homelessness. The plan is a five year roadmap identifying state and county activities and goals while the report highlights accomplishments and course adjustments.  Requirements for the plan and report are in RCW 43.185c.

Local Plan Guidance

State Strategic Plan

State of Washington Homeless Housing Strategic Plan 2018 (PDF)

NEW: Plan update underway:

Commerce will adopt the updated Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness published by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness and identify actions and timeline to achieve the objectives. Additionally, and as required in recent legislation, Commerce will include the following in the State Strategic Plan in July 2019:

  • Performance measures.
  • Short and long term goals to reduce homelessness.
  • Analysis of services and programs at the state and county.
  • Identification of programs representing best practices and outcomes.
  • Recognition of programs targeted to populations or geographic areas in recognition of diverse needs.
  • New or innovative funding, programs and service strategies.
  • Analysis of current drivers of homelessness.
  • Implementation strategy with timelines outlining roles and responsibilities at the state and local level.

Commerce will consult with the following stakeholders in developing the updated State Homeless Housing Strategic Plan:

  • State Consolidated Homeless Grant grantees
  • Office of Homeless Youth
  • Washington State Balance of State Continuum of Care
  • Washington Low Income Housing Alliance Homeless Advisory Committee
  • State Interagency Council on Homelessness
  • State Advisory Council on Homelessness
  • The Affordable Housing Advisory Board

Upcoming: State of Washington Homeless Housing Strategic Plan July 2019


2018 Report Documents


State Auditor Reports:

Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee Audits:

Office of Financial Management Reports:


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