EECBG (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant) program coming

The US Department of Energy, through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will be making formula fund awards to be administered by state energy offices. Commerce is in the process of preparing our application to receive these funds.

The EECBG program offers three funding pathways in total:

  1. Larger cities, counties and tribes are being allocated funding directly from DOE.
  2. State energy offices will be distributing funds to counties, cities and tribes that are not eligible for the direct funding from DOE.
  3. Some competitive funding will also be available to these ineligible jurisdictions by application directly to DOE. The DOE has not yet opened applications for that program.

Washington will receive $2,273,890 in formula funds and Commerce is designing a program for re-granting those funds once they arrive this Fall. Commerce is required to distribute at least 60% to local governments and tribes that are ineligible for direct funding from the Department of Energy. As re-granting details and a timeline becomes available, information will be posted on this page.

See the US Department of Energy EECBG webpage for details on the EECBG program. For updates on other federal programs including residential, see the Commerce page Federal Funding for Buildings.

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