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Healing and action for Black, Latine, and tribal communities across our state to build a better WA for everyone.

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The Community Reinvestment Project is a community-designed plan to invest $200 million from the Community Reinvestment Account into communities that were disproportionately harmed by the historical design / enforcement of criminal laws and penalties for drug possession (otherwise known as “the War on Drugs”).

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In 2022, the Legislature created the Community Reinvestment Account, setting aside $200 million to address racial, economic, and social disparities created by the historic design and enforcement of state and federal criminal laws and penalties for drug possession (the war on drugs). The Legislature directed that the Department of Commerce (Commerce) invest the funds in four program areas: economic development, civil and criminal legal assistance, community-based violence intervention and prevention services, and reentry services.

Commerce – in partnership with the WA Office of Equity – worked with communities across the state to develop a Community Reinvestment Plan laying out recommendations for how these funds will be invested over the next biennium (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2025).

The Community Reinvestment Plan recommended Commerce distribute $200 million across the state through more than 17 individual grant programs in the four program areas. Subject matter experts are currently administering the grant programs across several Commerce units and divisions and in other state agencies. Some of the grant programs included in the Community Reinvestment Plan are expansions of existing programs – implementation will be relatively quick and easy. Some of the programs represent new ideas, requiring more time and collaboration to implement. 

To learn more about the plan, please read the full breakdown of the proposed programs (PDF). To read the full plan, download the Community Reinvestment Plan (PDF).

To register as a CRP by-and-for organization, visit our registration page at Please note: registration is not guaranteed. All applications will be processed in 7-14 business days, with an equitable lens, in collaboration with the WA Office of Equity.

The harm from unjust practices requires healing and action. Structural racism was, and still is, directly embedded in past and present criminal laws and penalties for drug possession – both in WA and across the nation. We also must be honest that these policies targeted and inversely impacted Black, Latine, and tribal residents of Washington. As a result, CRP funding must prioritize those communities in order to begin undo harm and building a better Washington state for all.

We also must recognize the harm that carries over between generations within families and support steps toward intergenerational healing – recognizing the mental, spiritual and embodied impacts of the war on drugs. Harm does not just include physical detention and incarceration, but also over-surveillance, over-policing, over-incarceration, and over-sentencing present throughout the criminal legal process.

We must connect community-level harm with community-level listening and consider harm from not just an individual level, but a community-level perspective. We must acknowledge that existing public datasets might not adequately capture the kinds of harm and impacts that communities have experienced and continue to experience.

With funding distributed through Commerce, the Community Reinvestment Project will support 17 different grant programs. Each of the program managers will distribute the funds in accordance with the Community Reinvestment Plan, with several inter-agency and external partners.

  • Employment Security Department – $25 million to provide workforce and small business services.
  • Office of Civil Legal Aid – $8 million to fund legal representation and vacating criminal records and legal financial obligation relief.
  • Department of Commerce – $167 million to support violence prevention, reentry services, and economic development.

Economic Development

$138 million. Our economic development grants address wealth disparities by promoting asset building, such as home ownership and expanding access to grants / loans for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Available grants are built on four strategic sets of investments: subsidized lending, financial assistance, outreach and support and workforce development.

Violence Prevention

$30 million over four program areas. Programs will consist of violence prevention and intervention services, Community Healing, Youth Sports Capacity Building and Barber/Beauty Shop Health Navigation programs.

Reentry Services

$12 million. A criminal record creates a lifetime of barriers for impacted individuals and their families. The Community Reinvestment Plan recommended funding for civil and criminal legal assistance to provide post-conviction relief and case assistance.

Facilitated by community-based organizations, our reentry grants focus on improving transitions from incarceration by providing access to services including housing, employment, education, legal aid, transportation, communication, and basic needs. 

Legal Assistance

$8 million. CRP’s legal assistance grants assist with vacating criminal records, legal financial obligations relief, and legal representation. Decades of federal, state, and local policies and practices that disproportionately targeted Black, Latine and tribal communities have made criminal records much more common and difficult to navigate.

The Community Reinvestment Plan (PDF) set out a strategy to invest in communities disproportionately harmed by ‘the War on Drugs’ in WA. For CRP, this means being explicit that these policies have historically targeted Black, Latine, and tribal residents in Washington state.

How CRP defines a “By-and-For” Organization

As a result, CRP prioritizes funding to “By-and-For” organizations that are led by-and-for Black, Latine, and tribal communities in Washington state. CRP also emphasizes working with nonprofit, faith-based, and grassroots organizations.

As defined by the Office of Equity, to qualify as “By-and-For” for purposes of the Community Reinvestment project, an organization must:


    • Be part of, rooted in, and defined by the identity of the Black, Latine, tribal community;
    • Have leadership and staff who belong to the Black, Latine or tribal community; and
    • Have roots in their communities as change agents and providers of mitigating systems of community service;
    • Invest in and work with community members to improve their quality of life.

Geographic Consideration

As dictated by the Community Reinvestment Plan (PDF), approximately 64% of CRP funding will be directed towards communities in counties that experienced disproportional harm during “the War on Drugs.” Our analysis of crime, incarceration, and economic data revealed that Clark, King, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane and Yakima are the state’s top six counties in need. Remaining funding will be distribution across other counties throughout WA. 

For questions about this registration, please contact the Community Reinvestment Project Team by filling out our contact form.

The Community Reinvestment Project must demonstrate significant long-term economic benefits to the state, a region, or a specific community within the state. Measuring outcomes involves carefully assessing and tracking the economic impact of various investments over time. This will include factors such as new job creation, job retention, increased personal wealth, and higher incomes for individuals and families. Impacts on wealth disparities will be realized by actions designed to promote asset building, such as home ownership, and expanding access to financial resources, including but not limited to grants and loans for small businesses and entrepreneurs, financial literacy training, and other small business training and support activities.

The success and effectiveness of the Community Reinvestment Program will be determined by the geographic and demographic impact of the distribution of the funds to individuals and families harmed by the war on drugs.

Each grant program will have Key Performance Indicators reported out using a consolidated accountable and transparent reporting mechanism. Data points unique to each grant program will measure and allow us to understand outcomes. The Community Reinvestment Plan implementation will integrate racial equity considerations in all outreach and contractual programs and practices, and be a catalyst for change to traditional Commerce practices and systems. To be successful, the Community Reinvestment Plan implementation will require intentional, regular and transparent communication internally within Commerce and externally with other state agencies, grantees, potential grantees, and community partners.

To learn about the CRP plan, download the PDF.

Register as a "By-and-For" Organization

To register as a CRP-defined “by-and-for” organization, please visit our registration page at

Please note: registration is not guaranteed. As of April 4, 2024, all applications will be processed in 7-14 business days, with an equitable lens, in collaboration with the WA Office of Equity.

Open Grants and Funding Opportunities for Organizations

Washington Social Equity Cannabis Program: The Community Reinvestment Project is investing $3,000,000 to be split equally among CRP-defined “By-and-For” Social Equity Applicants (SEA). Grants will range from $65,000 to $75,000+ depending on the number of CRP-certified By-and-For SEA applicants.

Grant application period

April 1, 2024 at 9:00am PST to April 30, 2024 at 11:59pm

Expected Grant Award Date

June 15, 2024

Learn more and apply for this grant

This grant is being managed by Launch Industries, LLC. If you have any questions about the grant application and funding priorities, email or call/text (425) 224-6137.

To learn more about registering as a CRP-defined “by-and-for” organization, visit our registration page. Please note that registration takes approximately 7 to 10 working days

There currently no other grant opportunities for CRP-registered “By-and-For” organizations. Stay tuned for more information later in Spring 2024.

Support for the Community at Large

Are you a Black, Latine, or tribal community member in WA who needs some support? Has your community been harmed by the “the War on Drugs”? Check out our comprehensive list of CRP-funded service providers who are here to help you with your goals. 

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