HMIS training changes

Commerce is launching a new online HMIS Learning System web portal for HMIS Trainings. Trainings are at your own pace, any day or time! They currently focus on the required trainings for new users, but we have plans to expand training. To learn more about HMIS, visit our webpage

Commerce needs TWO things to be completed before a staff person can take the HMIS New User training:

  1. Complete this form:
  2. The supervisor listed on the form should receive an automated email to provide an approval link. Supervisor approval is required for the employee to have HMIS access for the agency. If the supervisor doesn’t receive the email, please send an approval email message.

Important: We especially need the form to have the following items:

  • Valid work email(s)
  • The program types they will use HMIS for,
  • The name of the agency or agencies they need access for in HMIS. Please do not use acronyms for agency names. If you don’t know, please contact us before registering.

Need Help? For any HMIS Learning System or training issues, please contact

We’re excited to offer this self-paced portal for training. Thank you for your patience with us as we work out any kinks in our new process. New HMIS user accounts will be created every Thursday for users who successfully complete training before Tuesday at 5:00 pm of the same week. There is no need to contact us regarding your training completion or account setup, as this will all be automated. We also value your feedback. If you notice any issues, glitches, or errors in your trainings, please contact

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