Washington State Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Month

100+ activities across the state synchronize with Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 16-22

Washington’s entrepreneurial spirit will be showcased during the month of November in cities and counties throughout the state. Held in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international celebration of entrepreneurship, more than 100 activities are planned statewide to inspire, encourage and support new business startups.

“Startups – ranging from pizza houses to small manufacturers to labs searching for the next cure for cancer – are where most new jobs are created,” said Brian Bonlender, Commerce director. “Global Entrepreneur Week exposes thousands of Washingtonians to entrepreneurism and the possibility of starting a business, helping to seed the ground for future economic growth.”
Last year, entrepreneurship events took place in every county, making Washington #1 in participation and number of events among all states. Organized by local educators, economic development organizations and companies, Global Entrepreneur Week events include business plan competitions, seminars, workshops, speaker series, webinars and startup weekends, all designed to help people explore their entrepreneurial side and perhaps even become inspired to start a business.

“One of the exciting aspects of this year’s celebration of entrepreneurship is the number of high school programs being held throughout Washington,” said Maury Forman, senior manager of the state’s Startup 365 Washington program, which supports entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. “In many cases, college isn’t the natural next step it once was for high school students. These high school programs expose them to the idea of starting their own businesses once they graduate, or if they do go to college, to focus their education on skills that will allow them to start a business in the years to come.”
Global Entrepreneur Week is just one of a number of programs associated with Commerce’s Startup 365 Washington, which is a clearinghouse for all the information and resources entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses need to achieve success.
A complete list of events by county and by date can be found at Startup 365 Washington(http://startup.choosewashingtonstate.com/global-entrepreneurship-week/).
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