Washington companies energize Hannover

Andrew Crowder, Commerce International Trade Specialist

One of the most interesting things to watch at Hannover Messe is the connections our Washington companies make with each other while attending this huge international trade fair devoted to industrial technology and manufacturing.

Our delegation members B&G Machine and TriboTEX connected around engine remanufacturing and repair.

BluHaptics and OSI connected about analytics for oil and gas exploration vessels, and spacecraft.

Wellons and Enertechnix connected about boilers used in biomass power production.

Enertechnix and Splitvane connected about instrumentation for a steel foundry.

Kirkland-based OSI also connected with representatives from Microsoft, which is exhibiting here in another part of the fair.

On the final day of the mission, our companies were all busy pursuing new international leads today.

Energy was a big focus this year at Hannover Messe. The total US energy delegation comprises 45 companies.  All by itself, Washington firms make up a fifth of the American contingent.

Our Commerce team met today with Ray Bianchi, the newly-hired vice president for marketing and event development of Hannover Fairs USA, the US arm of Hannover Messe.  Bianchi is interested in developing new trade shows in the Northwest, and those discussions will continue during the next few weeks.

As we take our train and plane seats for home from another very successful presence at Hannover, Eric Rothberg from Enertechnix said: “Reflecting on the value of the show, besides meeting potential customers, we can meet other companies from Washington, have the chance to see what other companies related to our industry are doing, and have meetings with US Commercial Service officers from all over the world. And STEP funding really helps small companies like ours go to shows like this.”

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