The Interbay Project – Setting up a framework for success

In March, the Interbay Project held its first open house to introduce the project to the public. We learned that the property can no longer adequately support the Washington National Guard so that they can be ready to support the region in the event of an emergency. We also learned that the property is unique because of its 25-acre size, but also presented with a range of development challenges that the project team will need to consider as it develops the future use alternatives. The Interbay Public Development Advisory Committee was appointed by the governor and the legislature to advise and help identify potential future uses of the site. Assuming the guard is able to relocate, the advisory committee will help guide the redevelopment process with the goal of recommending a use that maximizes the property to the overall benefit of the public.

The project team is currently in the process of creating redevelopment alternatives to present to the advisory committee at the next meeting on May 8 at the Armory. Per the advisory committee’s direction, the project team is researching a range of options, including both building out the site under the current industrial zoning and looking beyond the current zoning. Mixed-income housing is being considered under each of these alternatives at different densities. The exact form of the affordable housing has not been determined but the project team are looking at various options (for example, workforce housing, mixed-income development, and housing for the homeless) based on the opportunity the site presents for housing in Seattle and desire from the public to see affordable housing on this site.

Commerce is hosting the next public open house for the Interbay Project on May 15 at 6 p.m. at the Ballard VFW Hall at 2812 NW Market Street in Seattle. Learn more about the framework for evaluating the future alternative and how the alternatives will be structured. The project team wants to hear your thoughts about how the redevelopment alternatives will be evaluated!

If you aren’t able to attend the meeting, event materials will be posted online following the open house, and comments and questions can be submitted via email to You can find more information about this project and upcoming meetings on the project website:

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