Nominees sought for 2019 Governor’s 2019 Smart Communities Awards

13th annual program to recognize outstanding work by local governments and their partners in sustainable community planning and development adds new housing strategies category.

OLYMPIA, Wash. – On behalf of Gov. Jay Inslee, the Washington Department of Commerce announced today that nominations are open for the 2019 Governor’s Smart Communities Awards. An annual event since 2006, Smart Communities recognizes outstanding achievements and collaboration by local governments and their partners in planning for growth in communities throughout Washington.

“I’m proud to again sponsor this important recognition of smart growth planning throughout the state. The values and priorities of each community shine through their individual plans for how they want to look and function 20 or 50 years from now,” said Gov. Inslee.

Valerie Smith, program manager in Commerce’s growth management services, added, “For one community, it may be an emphasis on supporting agriculture, another prioritizing their downtown redevelopment—but it all adds up to shared vision, tough decisions, and partnerships.”

While controversies and debates around growth management often get more attention, the Smart Communities awards show that neighbors, farmers, business people and public officials are not only actively planning together, but bringing their visions to reality, making communities vibrant and sustainable for future economic growth.

Nominations are being accepted now through May 1, 2019.  For more information and nomination forms, visit the Commerce webpage. A new category focused on housing strategies was added for 2019.

Nominations are open for the following categories:

  1. Smart Vision Award – for a Comprehensive Plan, Subarea Plan or Countywide Planning Policies. Recognizing the successful achievement of a county, city, or town plan or policy in implementing its local community vision, through an amendment to the comprehensive plan, subarea plan, or countywide planning policies.
  2. Smart Choices Award – for Implementation of a Comprehensive Plan. Successful applicants will demonstrate how well a county, city, or town implements its countywide planning policies, comprehensive plan, or subarea plan through development regulations and/or local programs.
  3. Smart Projects Award – for Project implementing of a Comprehensive Plan. Recognizing the successful achievement of a governmental project with implementing a local county, city, or town’s comprehensive plan.
  4. Smart Partnership Award – for a Joint Public Project that Implements a Comprehensive Plan. Successful applicants will demonstrate how well a jointly-developed project implements a local county, city or town’s comprehensive plan.
  5. *NEW* Smart Housing Strategies Award – for creative Plans, Policies, Programs and/or Actions.

Successful applicants will demonstrate innovation and creative strategies to address housing affordability through plans, policies, programs, and/or actions.


Penny Thomas, Commerce Communications, 206-256-6106

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