Energy innovation is happening all around us

Old ideas don’t help us solve new problems. We reorganized the State Energy Office to adapt to the changing landscape of the clean energy economy. Our Energy Office is constantly analyzing data, technology, and research projects to help us make informed decisions. More than just thought leaders, we’re leading work happening now, all over the state and the Pacific Coast region, to build the low-carbon future.

Since January 2013, we helped develop one of Gov. Inslee’s signature initiatives, the state Clean Energy Fund. We are funding research, development and deployment of clean energy technology, creating new business opportunities for market transformation. The Clean Energy Fund’s $116 million in investments to date have leveraged $350 million in private, federal and other funding.

The Clean Energy Fund represents just one of the many ways Washington has become a leader in the clean energy economy. Another is Maritime Blue, an ambitious have the most sustainable maritime industry in the nation by building on our strengths to lead decarbonization, career-connected learning for a 21st Century workforce, global technology innovation and more.

During the past six years, we have also weatherized 13,371 homes, saving Washingtonians over $3 million in home energy costs.

Finally, because new clean energy technology means nothing without equity and access for all communities, we are working to make sure we don’t leave anyone behind as we move to a decarbonized economy.

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