Request for Information – Commerce seeks input to inform spending of $5M to secure federal funding opportunities from landmark legislation

The historic CHIPS and Science Act (CHIPS), the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) make available hundreds of billions in both direct federal funding and tools to leverage private sector investment in critical industries to Washington state.
Commerce is requesting information from communities and entities that plan to apply for federal funding under these programs.

For further details on various programs created by the Acts, please review:

What we are asking and why

Commerce seeks high level details about planned applications to programs funded under these historic federal investments.

We are requesting this information to make fair and informed decisions about how to allocate $5 million in state funds over the next two years intended to secure federal investment for projects throughout Washington state. We anticipate awarding grants of $25,000-500,000 to organizations pursuing federal investments over the next two years and are seeking your input on how this funding can best be allocated.

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