• Due to the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy proclamation, we have canceled all in-person lead-based paint classes within Washington state until the proclamation is lifted. If you need to renew your initial certification before July 31, please contact Cynthia Sanderson at (360) 725-2941 or cynthia.sanderson@commerce.wa.gov for an extension. RRP renovators only: Check out our approved on-line refresher training at Pro Tech  or Real Estate Training 4U. You can call Pro Tech at (360) 359-1431 or Real Estate Training 4U at (877)

Lead-Based Paint Programs

The Department of Commerce regulates certification, accreditation, enforcement and compliance for firms and individuals who must use lead-safe work practices when working on pre-1978 homes or child-occupied facilities.

Commerce administers two programs related to lead-based paint: the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program, and the Lead-Based Paint Abatement (LBP) program.

Are you, or do you want to become a certified renovator?

Do you want to certify your company as an RRP firm to be able to perform lead-based paint activities?

If you receive compensation to perform work on any residential property or child-occupied facility built before 1978, then you must be an RRP Certified Renovator with a firm certification, or you must work for a certified firm.

Are you, or do you want to become a lead-based paint worker, supervisor, inspector, risk assessor, or project designer?

Do you want to certify your company as a lead-based paint abatement company?

The Lead-Based Paint Abatement Program governs individuals who perform lead-based abatement supervision, inspection, or risk assessment. This program is a rarely-used specialty program, mainly for government-funded projects.