Consult with a Trade Specialist

Consult with a Trade Specialist

Washington State Department of Commerce’s team of international trade experts and independent foreign trade representatives can help you connect with foreign buyers and distributors, generate trade leads, participate in business matchmaking or attend trade shows and missions.

Our menu of no-cost services includes the following comprehensive assisFlags from around the worldtance and expertise:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Business matchmaking
  • Partner search
  • Market intelligence
  • Export finance counseling
  • Risk mitigation
  • Trade show support
  • Advocacy
  • Our international trade specialists tailor their assistance to fit your specific needs, with particular expertise for businesses in the following sectors:


    Isabelle De Wulf  206-256-6143

    Clean Technology & Advanced Manufacturing

    Andrew Crowder  206-256-6140

    Information & Communication Technology

    Rob Fiddick   206-256-6141

    Life Sciences & Global Health

    Julie Bennion  206-256-6132

    Consumer Products, Education & Professional Services

    Julie Monahan 206-256-6147


    Export Readiness Assessment

    If you’re not sure if your company is ready to export, the Export Readiness Assessment form can help you understand where your company stands. This form was developed by Maurice Kogon, a long-time director at the U.S. Department of Commerce and former director of the Center for International Trade Development in California.

    Access the Export Readiness Assessment

    Use your answers to determine the next steps in your export strategy. You can also send the results to the Washington State Department of Commerce at One of our trade specialists will be happy to help you.

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    Need Help?

    Contact the Export Assistance team at 206-256-6100.