Issuers and Application Forms

Tax exempt private activity bonds that fall under the federal volume cap are issued through authorized state- or local-level issuers who apply to Commerce for authorization to issue the bond. Commerce is responsible for taking applications, evaluating projects, authorizing bond issuances under the cap and ensuring the state does not exceed its cap authority.

Tax-exempt Private Activity Bond issuing authorities

Project developers need to work with an authorized bond issuer to access tax-exempt private activity bond financing for a project. Both local and state-level issuers are available to assist you with project development and bond issuance. They can help you determine if your project is appropriate for tax-exempt private activity bond financing. Below is a list of some of the more active issuers in the state.

Small issue (Industrial Development) and exempt (Capital) Facilities

Housing Projects

Which forms do I use to apply for a bond cap allocation?

Each type of Bond Cap project requires a separate application form due to differences in the criteria for the various projects outlined in federal and state law. In addition to the basic application form, all applicants for Bond Cap allocations must submit Statement of Intent forms from the bond counsel and underwriter, as well as a copy of an inducement resolution from the issuer’s governing body.

Projects in all categories that involve new construction or that require environmental work on the project site must submit documentation of compliance with state and federal environmental requirements. Contact the Bond Cap manager prior to submittal to ensure you provide adequate documentation — but that you also don’t submit anything which isn’t necessary.

Projects in the Small Issue and Exempt Facilities categories must submit a signed Employment Security Agreement stating that any new jobs created by the project will be advertised through the Employment Security Department and, when possible, will be offered to low-income residents.

Links to all required forms — including applications, statements of intent, and employment security forms — are available in the right sidebar.