Library Capital Improvement Program

The Library Capital Improvement Program was created by the Legislature in their 2019 Regular Session to assist libraries operated by governmental units, as defined in RCW 27.12.010, to acquire, construct or rehabilitate their facilities. The Department of Commerce, in consultation with the Library Capital Improvement Program Committee, will conduct a statewide competitive grant process to award up to $10 million. The maximum grant amount to any one entity will not exceed $2 million. This program will require a 50% match of the total cost of the project. Priority is given to library facilities listed on local, state, or federal registers of historic places and those located in distressed or rural areas.

2021 CIP Competitive Grants Guidelines

2021-2023 Recommended Application List

With the assistance of the Library Capital Improvement Program Advisory Committee, the Department of Commerce, as required by Section 1053, Chapter 413, Laws of 2019, is recommending 15 projects to the Governor’s Office and Legislature to be considered for inclusion in the department’s 2021-2023 biennial capital budget. The recommend list of projects is not a guarantee of funding.

Projects are not approved for funding until authorized by the Washington State Legislature.

2021-2023 Recommended Application List (PDF)

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Additional Programs

Not all libraries will be eligible for all these programs. Make sure to confirm your eligibility before applying for any funds.

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