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In 2021, in ESSB 5092- sec. 129(123), p. 73, the Washington State Legislature created the Reentry Grant Program, appropriating $5 million to the Department of Commerce “to administer a competitive grant program for grants to community-based programs to provide reentry services for formerly incarcerated persons and supports to facilitate successful transitions to the community.”  For the two-year period from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023, the Program supported 25 organizations across the state.

The Legislature reauthorized the Reentry Grant Program for two years beginning July 1, 2023, appropriating $5 million ($2.5 million annually for SFY24 and SFY25) for Commerce to continue the Reentry Grant Program that supports community-based organizations providing reentry services to formerly incarcerated persons, facilitating their successful transition to the community. 

In addition, the state legislature appropriated $200 million to Commerce for SFY 24/25 to distribute grants among four program areas: economic development, civil and criminal legal assistance, community-based violence intervention and prevention services, and reentry services programs. The distribution of funds will be guided by recommendations in the community reinvestment plan. In the reentry services program area, the plan allocates $12 million of funding over the biennium to expand the Reentry Grant Program.

At least 30 percent of the funding for the Reentry Grant Program is designated for programs delivering services in Washington’s rural counties. The collective service area for the projects funded under the first round of grants included 24 out of the 39 Washington counties.

Commerce has issued a second round of funding for reentry services for the next two fiscal years (August 8, 2023 – June 30, 2024, and July 1, 2024—June 30, 2025). The grantees will support reentry services for currently or formally incarcerated persons who have exited juvenile or adult correctional facilities in Washington. Total funding is $12.7 million for the state fiscal biennium (July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2025) and is a combination of the Community Reinvestment Account and ongoing state funding.

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SFY 24/25 Reentry Program Project Summary (PDF)

Reentry Grant Program Virtual Convening 2024. Click here to view the recording. Passcode: W.h2x@#R

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Kurt Myers
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Kathryn Sutch, MPA
Reentry Program Coordinator
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