Washington Statewide Reentry Council

The Legislature created the Statewide Reentry Council in 2016 to improve public safety and outcomes for individuals reentering the community (43.380 RCW). The council is also guided by Gov. Inslee’s Executive Order 16-05: Building Safe and Strong Communities Through Successful Reentry. Services and activities include:

  • Increase collaboration between local and state programs relevant to reentering the community.
  • Improve safety for victims and their families.
  • Improve outcomes for individuals reentering the community.
  • Develop and monitor statewide goals relevant to reentry.
  • Recommend system and policy changes to reentry systems and supports.
  • Report to the Legislature.

Gov. Inslee appointed 15 members from the community that represent a variety of constituencies and organizations. Learn more about the council members.

What we propose to do

In January 2019, the Council published their biennial Report on Reentry From Confinement (PDF) including policy topics members were committed to supporting this year:

  • Expand access to safe, stable and affordable housing.
  • Expand the ability to vacate criminal convictions to provide people with a genuine fresh start once their debt to society has been paid.
  • Remove remaining barriers to successful reintegration caused by criminal records, including barriers to civic engagement, employment, education, housing and volunteering.
  • Expand access to educational opportunities both inside correctional facilities and following release.
  • Issue state identification prior to exiting incarceration.
  • Support the Civil Justice Reinvestment Plan and other legal aid support efforts.
  • Expand access to educational opportunities related to job placement for youth in Juvenile Rehabilitation facilities.
  • Continue to reform legal financial obligation laws.

Reentry Events

2020 Statewide Reentry Council Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Upcoming meeting dates
March 11, 2020 Cancelled
May 13, 2020
July 9, 2020
Sept. 16, 2020
Nov. 12, 2020

Statewide Reentry Council Previous Events 

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Reentry Resources

Council Meeting Documents

The Council gathers at least four times a year, often in Pierce County – and at least once at a state correctional facility. All Reentry Council meetings are open to the public. To access current and archived council documents, click the link below.

Reentry Council Meeting Documents
Bylaws of Statewide Reentry Council (PDF)

Reentry Council Reports and Publications

Program Contact

Christopher Poulos
Executive Director