Are you homeless or about to become homeless? A Local Coordinated Entry program can help you think about next steps.

Annual Point in Time Count

The 2022 Point in Time (PIT) Count was on Thursday, Feb. 24. Thanks to all paid staff and volunteers that made this possible. The 2022 PIT Count statewide results are available.

Each year the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Washington state require a statewide count of all persons staying in temporary housing programs (sheltered count) and places not meant for human habitation (unsheltered count). The Department of Commerce provides survey forms for counties and agencies to use for their counts. Counties can opt to use their own forms as long as they comply with state guidelines.

Count Overview

2022 PIT Count Data Entry Webinar

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Note: this webinar is required if you are entering data into HMIS for the 2022 PIT Count. If you haven’t done the normal HMIS Training yet, you need to do that and this training.

Here is more information about HMIS Trainings, including a calendar to sign up for any of the trainings.

2022 HMIS PIT Data Entry Instructions (PDF)


PIT Forms