GreenRubino to develop new tourism marketing plan for Washington state

Reflecting a core principal of Commerce and the Washington Tourism Alliance, the marketing plan will strengthen rural and underserved communities as part of first state-funded tourism promotion plan in six years.

OLYMPIA, WA – The Washington State Department of Commerce, in collaboration with the Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA), has selected GreenRubino as the agency of record to develop and produce a new tourism marketing plan for the state.

Eleven firms from around the country competed for the contract, which will result in a proposed comprehensive plan for marketing the state locally, regionally, and nationally. The tourism marketing plan is slated for completion in March 2018. Commerce and the Washington Tourism Alliance will jointly oversee and guide the plan’s development. The plan is funded by an appropriation in the 2017-19 state operating budget and is intended to allow Commerce and the WTA to develop a plan that will be submitted to the legislature for consideration as a path forward for the state’s tourism effort.

Promoting the many natural, cultural, and recreational attractions in rural and underserved communities throughout the state will be a top priority for the plan, according to Robb Zerr, marketing director for the Department of Commerce.

“We look forward to working with the WTA and GreenRubino to deliver a proposal for a marketing plan that attracts visitors to every part of our amazing state, and also dials in on promoting rural communities where tourism can be an important economic driver,” Zerr said. “GreenRubino brings a lot of expertise to the project. Over the years, the agency has worked with a roster of tourism and hospitality clients, including other Washington state projects.”

“Tourism is Washington’s fourth-largest industry, bringing over $21 billion to our economy and providing 177,000 jobs,” said Mike Moe, managing director of the Washington Tourism Alliance. “However, since 2011 Washington’s tourism industry has had a competitive disadvantage with states like Oregon and Montana that spend $19-32 million a year to attract tourists. We are excited to work with GreenRubino to create a marketing plan that will serve as a road map once legislation is passed to fund the reestablishment of a statewide tourism marketing effort.”

“To say GreenRubino is excited about a renewed commitment for Washington State tourism is an understatement—we’re ecstatic,” said partner Cam Green. “This perfectly complements our tourism and hospitality marketing experience. The entire team is very proud of the work we created as the state’s tourism marketing agency from 2008 to 2011. We’re keenly aware of the enormous economic impact tourism has statewide and are thrilled to get working on the strategic statewide marketing plan.”

About the Washington Tourism Alliance
The Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA) is a 501 (c)(6) organization, established by industry stakeholders with the mission to advocate, promote, develop and sustain the economic well-being of the Washington tourism industry. For more information visit

Penny Thomas, Commerce Press Office, 206-256-6106
Mike Moe, Managing Director, Washington State Tourism Alliance, 425-444-0589

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