Client Education is a Priority for the Weatherization Program

The Commerce Weatherization program has started work to standardize its client education material. In the past, each local agency developed their own client handouts. Sometimes there wasn’t enough information and sometimes the information was overwhelming. Now we will have a standardized resource book including brochures and internet links to help clients understand the importance of maintaining the work done by weatherization crews.

Without solid, easy-to-understand information clients can’t obtain the full benefits of weatherization. If filters aren’t replaced, the furnace has to work harder. If certain bathroom fans don’t run continuously, mold grows. If clients aren’t told who to contact when an appliance breaks down, they call the agency who installed it. That agency then has to go through old files to find out who originally installed the appliance.

By July 1, Commerce and local agencies will have a standardized checklist and resource book to give to clients. This will help them maintain their home improvements and keep realizing the great benefits of weatherization.

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