华盛顿退休市场, operated by the Department of Commerce, is a online marketplace where qualified financial services firms offer low-cost retirement savings plans to businesses and individuals, including sole proprietors, “gig” workers and the self-employed.由商务部运营,是一个在线市场,合格的金融服务公司向企业和个人(包括独资经营者,“技工”工人和个体经营者)提供低成本的退休储蓄计划。 The Retirement Marketplace simplifies the process of finding a retirement savings plan by making it easy to compare state-approved plans.退休市场使比较州批准的计划变得容易,从而简化了寻找退休储蓄计划的过程。




The Marketplace is an informational hub, bringing together financial services firms, employers and employees to help make retirement possible for everyone.市场是一个信息中心,汇集了金融服务公司,雇主和雇员,以使每个人都能退休。 The Marketplace strives to simplify retirement savings options by providing helpful information and promoting affordable products.市场致力于通过提供有用的信息并推广可负担的产品来简化退休储蓄的选择。 The guiding principles enable individuals to make informed decisions about their retirement and start building savings for their future.指导原则使个人能够做出有关退休的明智决定,并开始为自己的未来积累积蓄。


There's a retirement savings gap.退休储蓄存在差距。 Washingtonians aren't saving enough for retirement, at the risk of spending their later years with diminishing standards of living and more reliance on public safety net programs.华盛顿人的积蓄不足以供退休之用,冒着在晚年生活,降低生活水平以及更多依赖公共安全网计划的风险。

  • 1.3 – 1.6万在职华盛顿人无法使用退休储蓄计划。
  • 华盛顿有超过131,000家企业没有为员工提供退休储蓄安排。
  • 小型企业可能不愿提供退休计划,因为他们意识到潜在的成本和复杂性。

商务部2017年XNUMX月的退休准备报告 详细探讨情况。


We know that people are more likely to set aside money for retirement when they can do it through payroll deductions.我们知道,人们可以通过减薪来增加退休金。 Unfortunately, it's hard for small businesses to sort out the options and afford to provide retirement plans to their employees.不幸的是,对于小型企业来说,很难选择各种方案并为他们的员工提供退休计划。 Our goal is to increase Washingtonians' retirement savings by making it easier and less costly for smaller employers to provide retirement savings options to their workforce.我们的目标是通过使较小的雇主为他们的员工提供退休储蓄的选择变得更容易,成本更低,从而增加华盛顿人的退休储蓄。



Users – both businesses and individuals – can comparison shop for retirement savings plans on the website.企业和个人用户都可以在网站上比较购买退休储蓄计划。 Information on the site will allow users to connect with plan administrators to sign up for and contribute to plans.该站点上的信息将允许用户与计划管理员联系,以注册计划并为计划做出贡献。 Participation in the Retirement Marketplace by financial services firms, employers and employees is voluntary.金融服务公司,雇主和雇员参加退休市场是自愿的。 Enrollee contributions are portable, so when employees switch jobs, they can take their retirement savings with them.参保人员的缴费是可移植的,因此当员工更换工作时,他们可以随身携带退休储蓄。


ESSB 5826,第296章,2015年法律
RCW 43.320.180
43.330.730-750 RCW
365-65 WAC



  1. 由位于华盛顿州的监管机构进行验证。

金融机构部(DFI) oversees carriers offering securities-based products.监督提供基于证券的产品的运营商。 Instructions as to how to apply for verification are listed列出了有关如何申请验证的说明 点击此处.

保险业监理处(OIC) oversees carriers offering insurance-based products.监督提供基于保险的产品的承运商。 Filling instructions can be found in Section III (M) of the SERFF filing guidelines (page 7), which can be found填充说明可在SERFF归档指南的第III部分(M)中找到(第XNUMX页),该文件可在以下网址找到 点击此处.

注意:OIC可以要求DFI进行计划审核,具体由 SSB 5675秒1(6)(b)(2017)。 Life insurance and annuity products offered by insurance carriers should still initiate the verification process with OIC.保险公司提供的人寿保险和年金产品仍应启动与OIC的验证过程。


Department of Commerce administers the Retirement Marketplace program and website.商务部管理“退休市场”计划和网站。 The General Terms and Conditions and other information can be一般条款和条件以及其他信息可以 这里找到。

通过电子邮件索取该应用程序的副本 退休市场place@commerce.wa.gov or call 360-725-5070.或致电XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX。 Completion of the application can be in conjunction with the verification process described above or upon verification by DFI and/or OIC.可以与上述验证过程结合使用,也可以在DFI和/或OIC验证后完成应用程序。 Information on the completed application is used as a publishing template to upload plan data to the Retirement Marketplace website.已完成的应用程序上的信息用作发布模板,以将计划数据上载到Retirement Marketplace网站。


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