Governor’s Award for Smart Vision also goes to Hoquiam

As a part of the Governor’s Smart Communities Awards, Commerce presented the Smart Vision award to the Hoquiam Mayor Ben Winkelman and City Administrator Brian Shay on November 14, 2022.

Hoquiam’s Downtown and Olympic Stadium Revitalization Project shows us how forward thinking, and state and local partnerships can lead to amazing developments. With millions of dollars in private investment and a 50-year plan to preserve a historic landmark already on the table, Hoquiam has taken a long term look at what they want for their community. More importantly, this project serves as a model to Washington communities and reminds us that our history and our future are equally important to who we are today.

The governor’s vision award acknowledges communities that take a step forward in time and make a decision based on where they want to be. Hoquiam has done just that, and we congratulate them for that vision.

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