Office of Family and Adult Homelessness

Homelessness impacts thousands of adults and families with children in Washington state. The Office of Family and Adult Homelessness (OFAH) supports homeless crisis response systems and best practices that efficiently reduce the number of people living outside.

Image of a small home in a family's hands

Our guiding principles

  • All people deserve a safe place to live
  • Urgent and bold action is the appropriate response to people living outside
  • Interventions must be data driven and evidenced based

OFAH Programs

Consolidated Homeless Grant / System Demonstration Grant

The Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) provides resources to fund homeless crisis response systems to support communities in ending homelessness. Grants are made to local governments and nonprofits. Homeless crisis response systems respond to the immediacy and urgency of homelessness and ensure that everyone has a safe and appropriate place to live.

Emergency Solutions Grant

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program utilizes federal funds to support communities in providing street outreach, emergency shelter, rental assistance, and related services. This program provides resources for adults and families with children experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

The HOME Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) program utilizes Federal funds to support communities providing utility, deposit and ongoing rental assistance. Commerce TBRA funds are contracted to local providers. Commerce does not provide direct rent or utility assistance. Eligible households are referred to TBRA through local Coordinated Entry Systems.

Homelessness Diversion Program

The Homelessness Diversion Program is a critical resource in the homeless crisis response system. This grant provides funding for Diversion services at by and for organizations.


Kathy Kinard, Managing Director, Homelessness Assistance Unit



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