Requirements and procedures for providing notice to the state

Cities and counties must notify the Department of Commerce, at least 60 days in advance, of their intent to adopt comprehensive plan and development regulation amendments.

60-Day Notice of Intent to Adopt an Amendment-Instructions and FAQ document

Please complete the appropriate notice cover sheet provided below and submit it to Growth Management Services with a copy of the proposed or adopted amendment.

60-day Notice of Intent to Adopt Amendments

Request for Expedited Review/Notice of Intent to Adopt Amendments

Notice of Final Adoption of Amendment

Notice should be submitted to the Washington State Department of Commerce, Growth Management Services. Commerce encourages electronic submittal of both proposed and adopted amendments. Paper copies will also be accepted. Local governments do not need to submit both electronic and paper copies of the same material.

For electronic submittal, email

For paper submittal, mail to
Washington State Department of Commerce
Growth Management Services
PO Box 42525
Olympia, WAA  98504-2525

Compliance with the GMA

Counties and cities must be in compliance with the requirements of the GMA, including the periodic update requirements, to be eligible for grants and loans from certain state infrastructure programs.  Growth Management Services maintains a list of local governments that are in compliance to help applicants and funding programs  implement this requirement.  When you take legislative action that meets your update requirement, make sure you send the adopting ordinance or legislation to Commerce, clearly identifying it as part of the update.  This will allow Commerce to keep information about your city or county complete and up to date.

For more information and to see a list of jurisdictions and their current compliance, please read the GMA Compliance Status Report.

The Compliance Report is advisory and is based on the most recent information available to Commerce on the date it is published. If you believe the information on the report is not accurate, please contact Dave Andersen.

State agency participation in local planning

Building Washington’s future requires effective coordination between state and local government. The citizens of Washington expect state and local government to work together in achieving the results of good government. This is why state and local governments are committed to an effective, on-going dialog on land use and development issues of mutual concern.

State agencies, in cooperation with the Washington State Association of Counties and the Association of Washington Cities, developed a set of principles defining how to achieve a collaborative relationship between state and local government. The Principles Governing State Agency Correspondence establishes the expectations of this collaboration.

Example Letter by State Agency Directors

Principles of State Agency Correspondence for Growth Management Act