Collaborative Roadmap Phase III

The Collaborative Framework Phase III project built upon the findings, concepts and recommendations in recent state-funded reports to make recommendations to the Legislature on reforms to the state’s growth policy framework. The project timeline from 2021 to 2023 led to significant changes to the Growth Management Act and Washington’s growth policy framework.

TImeline of the Collaborative Roadmap Phase III activies

Project Details

The above timeline shows Phase III of the Collaborative Roadmap. Starting in 2021, the Roadmap engaged tribes and other interest groups to build off past studies and develop recommendations for updating the state’s growth policy framework. The graphic shows the timing for engagement during the 2022 legislative session before moving to post-session feedback and completion during the 2023 legislative session with final recommendations for the Legislature. With the success of the 2023 legislative session, the Collaborative Roadmap reached its closeout and final recommendations in June, 2023. 

Final Project Deliverable

The final report to Commerce in June, 2023 summarizes the completed work and provides us with a standing list of items to be considered in future updates and recommendations on process improvements.

Legislative Report for 2023

The Task Force wrapped up deliverables including the following recommendations to the Legislature on the growth policy framework in a formal report in 2023. 

Project Resources

Prior Studies

2022 Web Survey Results

In 2022, the project team developed a survey on the Department of Commerce website to collect input on eight topics. Fifty-seven (57) people answered more than 30 questions, providing valuable perspectives and suggestions. The survey results (PDF) share these perspectives and highlights.

Completed Task Force Meetings and Materials