CDBG Management Handbook and Forms

Resources to assist in the management of CDBG-funded construction and non-construction projects are available in the 2017 Management Handbook. Below are links to all Handbook section and attachments. Please scroll down and click on the titles of particular sections and forms you wish to locate.

2017 CDBG Management Handbook Webinar PowerPoint Presentations:

Part 1: Initial sections needed to begin CDBG Projects (Sections 1-6, and 18).
Part 2: Sections needed to begin construction and finish CDBG project (Sections 7-17).

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Kaaren Roe, Section Manager
Phone: 360-725-3018

Jacquie Andresen, Project Manager
Phone: 360-725-3017

Laurie Dschaak, Grant Specialist]
Phone: 360-725-5020

Jeff Hinckle, Project Manager
Public Services and Planning Activities
Phone: 360-725-3060

Sheila Lee-Johnston, CDBG State Expert
Phone: 360-725-3009

Genny Matteson, Project Manager
Housing Activities
Phone: 360-725-3093