Reardan City Hall

The Town of Reardan proposes to convert a former gas station and existing brownfields into a new city hall.  The new city hall will improve the community’s organizational and governmental capacity.  They see the construction of the new city hall as an economic development project that will provide their community much needed jobs and income.  The project will need to be funded entirely with grants because Reardan lacks the necessary financial resources.

The former gas station is located at 115 East Broadway with an area of approximately 20,000 s.f.  The site was used as a service station from 1928 to 1960.  It has a single 1,000 gallon underground storage tank that was removed in 1990.  Contaminants of concern include petroleum hydrocarbons.  The site is listed on Ecology’s ISIS as a “confirmed and suspected contaminated site”.  The property is currently privately owned.

Commerce’s Brownfields Program is providing the Town of Reardan technical assistance to cleanup the former Reardan Gas Station and turn it into a new city hall facility.  Technical assistance will include: organizing the project, addressing environmental liability, establishing site control, drafting a development plan, preparing a construction management plan to achieve specific economic development objectives, identify potential grant sources and drafting a grant application template. Technical assistance ends upon the completion of grant application template or June 30, 2015 – whichever event occurs first.

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Bruce Johnson, Administrator
Town of Reardan
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