Bellingham Waterfront Log Pond

In 2005, the Port of Bellingham acquired approximately 137 acres of waterfront property and tidelands along Bellingham Bay.  It was a site of a former paper mill.

The Waterfront District is divided into five areas of unique character.  The Port and city designated two areas for industrial land use — the Log Pond and Shipping Terminal areas.  The former Log Pond area encompasses 52 acres of industrial mixed-use land.  It is adjacent to the Shipping Terminal area – 25 acres preserved for shipping, port and industrial-related opportunities.

Both areas lay across the Whatcom Waterway from the 58-acre Marine Trades area – an area characterized as a working waterfront.  The Marine Trades area includes a number of established businesses and industries.  The Port of Bellingham is home to over 1,400 commercial and pleasure boats, including a large charter boat fleet.

The Log Pond and Marine Terminal areas are either undeveloped or underdeveloped.  Their combined area of 77 acres has the potential to generate nearly 1,500 jobs.  The proposed market study will identify the types of industries most likely to locate in the area.

The Log Pond area includes an industrial-sized water line that historically supplied water to the former paper mill.  The Port plans to use this waterline to operate a mini-hydroplant.  The site also includes a natural gas power plant.  The Port proposes using the excess heat from this power plant to heat nearby buildings.  Together, these two facilities will give the Log Pond and Shipping Terminal properties both a comparative and competitive advantage.

With assistance from Commerce’s Brownfields Program, the Port of Bellingham is conducting a market study for the industrial use of the Log Pond area.  The city wants to include in the market study the impact of a micro- or mini-hydroplant.  The analysis will include the use of alternative power to fund the cleanup of brownfields sites and/or create an economic incentive for the redevelopment of the Log Pond area.  The Port will use this market study to recruit new and/or expanding industries.

Given the nearby renewable energy resources, the market study will look at the viability of a clean energy industry cluster in and around the Bellingham Waterfront.  The Port will look at using the alternative power to create economic incentives to redevelop the Log Pond and Shipping Terminal areas.

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