Brownfields Planned and Current Projects

Cleaning-up a brownfields site takes quite a bit of work. The first hurdle involves getting the site ready for redevelopment. By “ready” we mean – Will somebody use the site after the cleanup?

Market Feasibility

Much of the technical assistance provided by Commerce’s Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (BRLF) involves getting sites ready for development. Potential sites are analyzed to determine whether a site’s local economy will grow enough to assure successful redevelopment. Sites located within sufficient growth markets are put into the BRLF Pipeline.

Pipeline Projects

Pipeline Projects” typically represents an area with a number of potential brownfields sites. The work to get these sites ready for redevelopment includes updating comprehensive land use plans, development regulations and, in some cases, developing a funding mechanisms to help repay or subsidize cleanup costs.

Current Projects

When a particular site qualifies for a BRLF loan, then it becomes a “Current Project”. The owners of these sites receive financial assistance from the Brownfields Revolving LoanFund. They use these funds to cleanup their sites. Redevelopment begins on the heels of the cleanup.

Success Stories

Once they finish the cleanup, the site becomes a BRLF “Success Story.”  The “Success Story” webpage describes the development that transformed the former brownfield into a productive piece of earth that once again adds to the surrounding economy.