Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program Competitive Application

The purpose of this application is to implement comprehensive sexual violence primary prevention programs using a public health approach and addressing the community-level of the social ecological model.
Eligible applicants include nonprofits, public agencies, or tribal organizations that can demonstrate a history of providing sexual assault services and/or sexual assault primary prevention activities.
Application Due: December 18, 2019
See application for details. 

VOCA Initiative Application Calendar 2020

Application release dates are tentative and subject to change:

ApplicationTentative Publication DateTentative Due DateTentative Project Start DateApplication Coordinator
Tribal Initiative (2 year awards)01/15/202003/02/202007/01/2020Shelley Wiedemeier
Human Trafficking (3 year awards)02/03/202003/23/202007/01/2020Stephanie Pratt
Children’s Advocacy Center Child Centered Services (2 year awards)03/02/202004/10/202007/01/2020Sherina James
Unmet Victim Service Needs #4 (2 Year Awards)03/02/202004/17/202007/01/2020Trisha Smith
By and For – Central and Eastern WA Programs (2 year awards)06/01/202008/03/202010/01/2020Nicky Gleason
Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations (SAMFE) (2 year awards)09/15/202011/02/202001/01/2021Tara Wolfe

Please monitor the OCVA Grants and Funding web page for additional infomation

OCVA Victims of Crime Act Fact Sheets

Important Notice

Some grantees have recently experienced a scam email regarding renewal of a DUNS number. Your agency may receive an email, regular mail or telephone notice stating that it is time to renew your DUNS number.

The fraudulent link is https://getregistrations.com/getstarted and the telephone numbers are 1-844-392-8983 (internationally) 001-727-312-3123.

The fraudulent website appears to look like an official website and already has possession of the subgrantee’s CAGE number, DUNS number and agency name and address. Once an individual enters the website they are asked to submit money for the renewal cost.

Only use the website links and telephone numbers listed below to obtain or renew a DUNS number, or ask questions regarding your DUNS number.

The website listed below is the Dun & Bradstreet Request Service.

Voice Phone: 866-705-5711
TTY Line: 877-807-1679 (Hearing Impaired Customers)

The website listed below is the grants.gov website. http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/applicants/organization-registration/step-1-obtain-duns-number.html

The website and telephone number listed below is for SAM.gov.

If your agency is contacted by a source other than the agencies listed above, or asked to submit money, please report the website and/or telephone number to your State Grantee Agency and Attorney General’s Office.

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If you are a victim of a crime and are looking for services:
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