If you:

  • Are forced to work.
  • Are not allowed to leave work or quit your job.
  • Know someone who is being forced to work.
  • Think you may be a trafficking victim, or if you know someone who might be a trafficking victim.
There are service providers who can help. These agencies are nonprofit organizations with the sole purpose of supporting and assisting individuals who have been hurt or harmed by others.

Support may include:

  • Developing a plan to leave an employer or situation.
  • Gaining access to food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.
  • Understanding all your rights and options.
  • Understanding the criminal justice system, if needed.
  • Knowing your rights with government agencies, police, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges and serve as your advocate.
  • Providing support and guidance.
What does this cost? Is it safe to call? These services are 100 percent confidential. What you say to service providers will be kept completely private. These agencies are not the police or immigration agents. They will not contact the police unless you ask them to. Their services are FREE. You don’t have to pay money for their services.

Washington Crime Victim Service Centers

Crime Victim Service Centers (CVSCs) support and assist children, youth and adults (all genders) who have experienced “hurt or harm” from trafficking and other crime types, regardless if the crime was reported to law enforcement or when the crime occurred. To see a list of the CVSCs in your area, please Click Here.

Crime Victim Service Center Hotline – (888) 288-9221

Washington State Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN) Hotline – (206)245-0782 

The Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA) uses a person-centered approach that acknowledges and respects the human rights of all people who have been hurt or harmed. OCVA funds programs that serve people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and other types of crimes. To see what resources are available in your area, visit the OCVA portion of this website.