Middle Housing Team

Meet the new Middle Housing Team!

A new Middle Housing Team has been created in Growth Management Services. The team will help cities encourage new moderate-density housing options. Such housing is sometimes called “missing middle” or “middle-scale”, and refers to housing that is in-between the scale of single-family houses and high-density multifamily buildings.

Planning for moderate density housing can lead to increased housing supplies and diversity, something our state has been working hard to improve. While this type of housing is common in older cities, it has seen little development in recent years.

Photo of Dave Osaki, Shane Hope and Joe Tovar
Featured from left to right: Dave Osaki, Shane Hope and Joe Tovar

Middle Housing Assistance 

The new team will support existing grants and provide technical assistance to local governments as a part of New Growth Management Act Requirements to consider moderate density housing options and to include a review of past racial discrimination, exclusion and displacement in housing. All communities planning under the Growth Management Act must address these new requirements as they complete the periodic update of plans and regulations between 2024 and 2027.

You can reach out team members via email: 

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