Environmental Justice Assessments – Public comment period open through June 8, 2023

Commerce intends to adopt one additional SAA to create a pathway that encourages programs to opt-in to HEAL activities that wouldn’t otherwise be required to do so under the statutorily defined SAA categories. The additional SAA is:

  • Where practicable, as determined by Commerce upon recommendation of the applicable program:
    1. projects of existing Commerce grant or loan programs that do not otherwise qualify as a SAA under RCW 70A.02.010(12); and/or
    2. Federally-funded loans or grants, where the federal agency has identified the program as a covered investment in a covered program under the Justice40 Initiative.

Opportunity for Public Comment and Input

We welcome your comments and thoughts about:

  • The aforementioned list of significant agency actions (SAA).
  • Other types of Commerce specific actions you think would benefit from an assessment starting in 2025
  • How you want to stay informed as Commerce does this work.

While this comment period is open through June 8, 2023, in order to meet required deadlines, we invite you to reach out us at any time. We will use your input to help guide and inform decisions around environmental justice assessments and how we engage with the public.

Questions about this process may be sent to the Commerce HEAL implementation team by emailing EnvironmentalJustice@Commerce.wa.gov.

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