Utility Extreme Heat Shutoff Moratorium

Utility Extreme Heat Shutoff Moratorium (House Bill 1329) prohibits electrical and water companies from involuntarily terminating utility service to any residential user due to lack of payment on any day for which the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued or has announced that it intends issue a heat-related alert, such as an excessive heat warning, a heat advisory, an excessive heat watch, or similar alert for the area in which the residential user’s address is located. The legislation protects all Washingtonians’ access to electric fans, working refrigerators, and running water during extreme heat, as well as air conditioning for residents with access. The moratorium would ensure that every Washingtonian has the ability to protect themselves against extreme heat. It does not prohibit utilities from shutting off power to prevent or mitigate forest fires.

Outdoor thermometer registering extreme heat in the sun

Reporting requirements

The Extreme Heat Shutoff Moratorium requires on an annual basis that each publicly-owned utility with more than 25,000 electric customers or 2,500 water customers in Washington produce a report to the Department of Commerce that includes the total number of disconnections that occurred on each day for which the National Weather Service issued, or announced that it intended to issue, a heat-related alert.

 Utilities with fewer than 25,000 retail electric customers or 2,500 water customers in Washington must provide similar information upon request by the Department of Commerce. Subject to availability, each utility must provide any other information related to utility disconnections that is requested by the Department of Commerce. 

Reporting tool

This Extreme Heat Shutoff Moratorium Reporting Tool provides publicly-owned utilities with a standardized template for annual reporting to the Department of Commerce.

This webpage will be updated with the utility reporting tool link once it is available.

Workshop on utility extreme heat shutoff moratorium reporting tool

June 13, 2024

Commerce is hosting a workshop on its draft reporting tool. Meeting information is below.

Comments are due July June 21, 2024


Aaron Tam, Energy Data Specialist