State Energy Office

Providing funding for revolving loans, smart grid improvements and matching funds for federal grants to help increase Washington’s energy independence.


  • Develop the State Energy Strategy to promote competitive energy prices, foster clean energy economy and job creation, and meet the state’s greenhouse gas reduction requirements.
  • Administer the state Clean Energy Fund and several federal programs providing loans and grants to companies and individuals for smart grid, energy efficiency, renewable energy , and clean energy RD & D.
  • Regional energy policy planning through membership in five western state groups.
  • Produce energy analysis and information including annual legislative reports.
  • State lead for energy supply and security planning and response during emergencies.
  • Coordinate efforts to support economically viable and environmentally sustainable bioenergy development.

Strategic Goal

Advance practical energy policies and support energy technology research, demonstration, and deployment, partnering with private sector to accelerate economic development and enhance environmental quality.

Statutory Authority

Chapter 43.21F RCW – State Energy Office

Fast Facts

  • More than 100 jurisdictions have adopted the model ordinances for electric vehicle infrastructure and solar.
  • We regularly analyze natural gas supply, petroleum prices and overall statewide energy trends.
  • Founding member of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance.
  • We work with other states and Canada on public building performance benchmarking and emergency responses to catastrophes.


Michael Furze
Phone: 360-529-9587