Employer-Supported Child Care Technical Assistance Program

Commerce is dedicated to providing employers in Washington State more opportunities to learn and consider options to address child care needs of their employees and communities.

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Many working families and communities need better access to and more options for child care. Some people leave jobs due the lack of child care in their area. Other people may not be able to return to work yet because of needing to take care of a dependent at home. This impacts the available workforce and being able to recruit and retain employees. Child care is a business issue when we consider our employees who are parents or guardians.

With support from Washington State Legislature, Commerce, in partnership with the Association of Washington Businesses (AWB) and the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), is launching a technical assistance program to help employers in Washington to explore best options for their business environment and employees. Through this program, we seek to provide support to employers as they determine how to help in a way that also supports their bottom line for business success.

How Employers Can Help

The following is a short list highlighting just a few tangible ways that employers can help:

  • Flexible work shifts to accommodate working parents or guardians
  • Flexible spending accounts for pre-tax dollars to be reserved for employee’s care costs
  • Broader approved usage categories for accrued leave
  • Employer contributions to the cost of care
  • Information and referral to local child care centers or providers
  • Partnering with a local child care center or provider
  • On-site child center


If you have other questions, please feel free to contact the program directly at EmployerTA@Commerce.wa.gov.

Paige Coleman, Program Specialist
Email: Paige.Coleman@Commerce.wa.gov
Phone: 206-256-6118

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In partnership with Association of Washington Businesses and Department of Children, Youth and Families, Washington Department of Commerce provides resources and technical assistance to employers interested in exploring ways to help their employees and communities with child care needs.


For a more comprehensive list of employer options, please download and review the Commerce Employer-Supported Child Care Technical Assistance introductory brochure (PDF).