Skilled Worker Awareness Training Program

Washington Skilled Worker Awareness Program is created to increase the state’s skilled workforce by raising awareness of, and enrollment in, accredited educational, occupational, state-approved pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship and similar education and training programs. These programs educate and train individuals to perform skills needed in the workforce and award industry or state recognized certificate, credentials, associate degrees, professional license, or similar evidence of achievement but not including bachelor’s or higher degree. 

Training skilled workers on windfarm

Under the grant program, Commerce must award matching grants to eligible applicants that will engage in outreach and recruiting efforts to increase enrollment in, and completion of, worker education and training programs.  Recipients must provide a matching cash contribution of two dollars for each one dollar of the grant.  The recipient’s match may not be in the form of in-kind contributions.

Eligible Applicants

Any government entity or any non-government entity, association, or organization that offers, or plans to offer, a skilled worker awareness program and has partnered with an industry to either offer or fund a skilled workers awareness program.  Private vocational schools are not eligible. The applicant must be licensed to perform work in Washington state.  They must also be registered and maintain their status as a for profit or nonprofit entity, with the Secretary of State’s Office.

SWA grants are used to:

  • Raise awareness of the state’s worker training programs; and
  • Increase the skills of citizens through education, training, certifications, and employment.     

The Department of Commerce administers the grant program, application process and contracting.

Grant Applications

Grants are not being accepted at this time due to lack of additional funding for the program.

Report to the Legislature

Review Committee

Peter Guzman, Policy Associate
State Board of Community and Technical Colleges