Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

The purpose of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is to capitalize on Washington’s senior population’s skills and energy for community improvements.


The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) contracts annually with 16 nonprofit organizations, covering 31 counties, to recruit and refer local volunteers to:

  • Provide health education, food delivery, and elder care.
  • Tutor and mentor students in public schools.
  • Assist the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Build and repair homes, restore land, improve and create recreational trails.
  • Staff disaster assistance call centers, set up shelters, and assist with recovery efforts.

Strategic Goal

Mobilize and enhance local assets that strengthen community ability to meet the economic and social needs of Washington’s families, workers and employers.

Statutory Authority

RCW 43.63A.275, Retired Senior Volunteer Programs

Fast Facts

  • Congress created RSVP in 1969. The program matches federal funds with state dollars.
  • Many nonprofit agencies and state programs depend on these volunteers for their operation.


Cecil Daniels, Program Manager
Phone: 360-725-2862