Community Reinvestment Project - Violence Prevention and Intervention

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The Legislature identified violence reduction as one program area to focus Community Reinvestment funding, specifically focusing on “community-based violence intervention and prevention services.” The Community Reinvestment Plan’s comprehensive recommendations in this area include a multi-faceted approach aimed at promoting safe and resilient communities through four grant programs.

Grant Programs

Violence Prevention – $10 million

Since its launch, the Washington Office of Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention (OFSVP) has distributed grant funds in communities throughout Washington, supporting local efforts to prevent and intervene in firearm violence. The Community Reinvestment funding will help OFSVP to grow the existing programs and stand up new ones to support Black, Latine, and tribal communities and individuals disproportionately impacted by the racial, social and economic disparities caused by the war on drugs.

Youth Sports Capacity Building – $5 million

The Youth Sports Capacity Building program provides community sports and activity teams up to $25,000 each. This program could cover compensation for coaches, training for volunteers, and removal of barriers for youth participation. This funding will train volunteer youth sports coaches in areas such as Social Emotional Learning, Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions, Second Step, De-escalation Tactics, and Trauma-Sensitive Practices.

Learn more about this grant and how to apply.

Barber/Beauty Shop Health Navigation – $5 million

Led by Northwest Credible Messengers. Funded by the Community Reinvestment Project

B&B Community of Practice aims to train barber and beauty ​shops to provide peer support services while ​facilitating transformative engagement processes ​with the customers they serve.

Participants will go through accelerated ​training in order to learn to provide behavioral ​health support services. Barbers and beauticians will be compensated $2,000 per completed training (up to $4,000) with the aim of producing sustainable funding streams in the future.

Now accepting applications. Click to learn more.

Community Healer – $10 million

The culturally responsive Community Healer program is a grant to an organization or organizations designed to recognize that traditional Western approaches to healing may not be effective for all communities and that cultural and historical factors can play a critical role in an individual’s health and well-being. Healers will be equipped to provide services ranging from mental health support, mindset coaching, and counseling to interventions for trauma and stress management, all tailored to align with the cultural norms and values of the community they serve.


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