Community Reinvestment Project - Reentry Services

Reentry services are a proven measure to increase the likelihood of successful reentry for individuals transitioning from incarceration back into their communities and families.

Strategic Investment Area

The Legislature identified reentry services as one program area to focus Community Reinvestment funding, specifically focusing on “Reentry services to facilitate successful transitions for persons formerly incarcerated in an adult correctional facility or juvenile residential facility in Washington.”

Grant Program

Expanded Reentry Program – $12 million.

Commerce’s existing Reentry Grant Program provides reentry services for justice-involved individuals who recently exited or are in the process of exiting incarceration in Washington jails or prisons, within the past 24 months. This program, facilitated by community-based organizations, focuses on improving reentry processes by providing comprehensive services in essential domains such as housing, employment services, education, legal aid, transportation, family reunification, communication, and basic needs. The program sets ambitious goals to connect individuals to services in at least five of the eight service domains. Through the provision of program support, community-based resource referrals, and a focus on life stabilization, career readiness and employment, the program aims to reduce recidivism among program participants and increase their self-sufficiency. Community Reinvestment funds will be used to expand the reach of this successful program with specific focus on communities and individuals most impacted by the historical design and enforcement of state and federal criminal laws and penalties for drug possession.


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Four Primary Funding Categories