2021 Point in Time Count

The 2021 annual Point in Time (PIT) count of people experiencing homelessness in Washington state will be on the night of Thursday, Jan. 28. This year we will be conducting the sheltered count only. There will be no statewide unsheltered count.

Each year the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Washington state require a statewide count of all persons staying in temporary housing programs (sheltered count) and places not meant for human habitation (unsheltered count). Due to difficulties and dangers imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, HUD and Washington state are allowing communities to choose not to conduct an unsheltered count. The regular sheltered count is still required. Counties that choose to conduct both a sheltered and unsheltered PIT count will follow safety recommendations outlined in HUD’s guidance Conducting the 2021 Unsheltered PIT Count. These counts will rely heavily on outreach teams canvassing known locations rather than large “magnet events” that gather people experiencing homelessness in one place.

For more information and instructions on the sheltered PIT count contact Nick Mondau at (360) 280-1412.

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