Governor Inslee’s Statements Addressing Anti-Asian Violence

  • April 20, 2021
  • OCVA

As Gov. Jay Inslee shared in a recent statement, “The tragedy that unfolded in Georgia was another escalation in the disturbing trend of anti-Asian violence in this country. These shootings reflect hate against Asians, against women, and against immigrants. We all have a role in denouncing hatred wherever it reveals itself. We stand in solidarity with all those impacted, including our Asian community members who are suffering in the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes. All leaders, past and present, should condemn these acts for what they are and commit to a more open dialogue about how this happened and how we can do better by our Asian American communities.” (The complete statement is available here).


Before the murder of six Asian women in Georgia, Inslee shared a statement speaking to the increased violence and racism facing the Asian community in Washington state.

“Washington is a place where all people should feel safe and included. This is a welcoming state and I have a zero-tolerance policy for hate and racism. We must all condemn the acts of hate and violence displayed in the rising incidence of anti-Asian hate crimes in both Washington state and across the country. This is wholly unacceptable and must not stand.”

 “We saw this ugly trend surge a year ago, when COVID-19 first emerged in our state. One year later, we have a vaccine for the virus – but racism is still running rampant. “

 “Victims deserve support and justice. There are systems in place to ensure offenders face consequences for their unconscionable actions. I encourage victims to come forward and report their experience to local law enforcement.”

 “I stand in solidarity with members of the Asian community who continue to experience fear and intimidation. They deserve better, and we must do everything in our power to make their safety and security a priority and to eliminate racism in Washington.”


OCVA shares Governor Inslee’s words to help elevate the calls to action and express our solidarity. 

Our office will:

• Continue to help all OCVA grantees identify how OCVA funds can be used to engage in anti-racism work actively.

• Identify resources and provide support to victim service providers by and for the AAPI community.

• Identify resources and provide support to victim service providers by and for immigrant communities.

• Identify resources and provide support to victim service providers by and for sex worker communities.

• Review service data to identify underserved and unserved communities and work with victim service providers and coalitions to address these gaps.

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