Dulce Zamora is a New Program Coordinator for OCVA’s Victims of Crime (VOC) Program

  • January 11, 2022
  • OCVA
Dulce Zamora photo

New OCVA Victims of Crime Commerce Specialist

Dulce Zamora (she/her) has recently joined OCVA’s Victims of Crime (VOC) program as a Program Coordinator.

In this role, Dulce will be monitoring grants to ensure programs are achieving goals and objectives, will assist with the development of applications and request for proposals, and will develop financial documentation and tracking systems. Dulce will also participate in program planning and the development of processes, projects, and policies.

Dulce was interested in this position because she wanted to continue work in crime victim advocacy and social justice. As she shares, “It’s always been a passion to serve the community and those who have been hurt or harmed, and help make a difference. I want to the have the opportunity to contribute by collaborating, making a change, and identifying opportunities for services and resources that communities can access across Washington State.” This role will provide opportunities to advocate on behalf of victims of crime and be a voice within the government to help communities identify opportunities for services and resources.

Dulce’s prior direct service experience will further strengthen OCVA’s work with community programs, will help inform our understanding of what services and needs are across the state, as well as our work to find ways to improve services and access. 

Dulce enjoys traveling and exploring new places, because it is a great way to learn about different traditions, foods, and about one’s self. She enjoys discovering new music and new bands, and really enjoys going to concerts. A fun fact about Dulce is that she is a huge Hello Kitty fan and has been since she was a little girl.

Dulce’s parents are originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. She is very proud to be Mexican-American. She has one older sister and a younger brother, and two beautiful cats.

Please join us in welcoming Dulce!  

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