Clean Technology Sector

The Washington state clean technology sector is working with a variety of industries to provide technology and related production processes. These will improve their environmental and business performance. Our top priority is to create an economic climate across the state, where innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive and create well-paying jobs. 

Clean Tech Industry Defined

Clean tech crosses many industrial sectors and represents a wide range of manufacturing processes, services and products. All of these make up what is known as the clean technology sector. Consumer products produced in this sector provide greater value to the customer at a lower environmental cost. Each industrial sector will convey its own set of environmental performance objectives. If these are significantly greater than previous processes, or if the product or service represents a significant improvement over previous production methods, then these products would likely qualify for reference in the Clean Tech sector.

For example, clean tech in the electric utility industry can include a technology that allows utilities to purchase or re-sell more electrical power from renewable sources. This would include grid scale batteries and system controllers, as well as the software that allows the integrated units to capture and deliver electrical energy generated from renewable sources as well. This means that the solar or wind units would be considered in the clean tech industry as well as the batteries, controllers and associated software.

New companies are welcome

If you’re a company exploring or producing next generation clean energy products, materials, concepts or services come to Washington State.

Our culture of innovation offers you dynamic partnerships with other high performing companies, a workforce of highly skilled clean technology workers, a pro-business environment that embraces companies that want to change the world with new energy sources and a stunning natural environment that will inspire you to create and succeed in exploring and producing new energy for the country and the world.

To learn more, contact our clean tech expert today. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you how choosing Washington could be the best business decision you could ever make.

Impacts of clean tech contributions to industry

The clean tech industry in the state of Washington employs nearly 90,000 workers and is backed by more than a billion dollars in venture capital. These companies are supported by world-class research institutions including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the University of Washington and Washington State University.

These companies are poised to make a significant contribution to the worldwide demand for cleaner industrial processes. Important trade and industry organizations include the Washington Clean Technology Alliance, Washington Technology Industry Association and Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

Washington's Clean Tech sector snapshot

  • 100+ companies, possessing 195 patents serving more than 12 different industrial sectors

Public support for Washington's Clean Tech sector

Washington State has a big stake in the future of renewable and clean energy. The state’s legislature mandated that 15 percent of Washington’s electricity come from new energy sources, including wind, tidal, biomass, biofuel and solar. This has led to significant private-sector investment in next-generation technologies in the Clean Tech sector.

To attract investment, the state offers a range of incentives, including:

  • Business and occupation tax reductions for manufacturers of solar energy systems
  • Components or semiconductor materials
  • Sales and tax exemptions for semiconductor gases and chemical purchases
  • Sales and tax credits for equipment that generates electricity using renewable energy
  • Business and occupation tax credit and sales tax exemption for forest-derived biomass harvesters

New ideas are encouraged at all levels, from the use of real-time mathematical and computer computational science to improve power grid management and control and the use of algae to create energy efficient fuel sources to tidal power generators and more efficient solar production capabilities.

CleanTech Conversations

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