Weatherization Information Data

What is the Weatherization Information Data System and who uses it?

The Weatherization Information Data System (WIDS) is a reporting tool for local agencies who are completing weatherization work. It is only accessible by the agencies inputting data. The Department of Commerce developed WIDS to help our partner agencies, and ourselves, collect information about weatherization projects. The statewide information collected helps us meet federal and state reporting requirements.

Do local agencies need to be registered to enter data into the WIDS system?

Yes, you will need to set up an account with Secure Access Washington (SAW). Follow these instructions to set up an account.

How does a local agency get into the WIDS system?

You can enter the WIDS system by clicking on this link.

WIDS User Manual and Reference Documents

WIDS Training Videos

Quick links for WIDS users

Need help?

Contact our WIDS Help Desk by email at or by calling 360-725-5015.