The SEEDS2 SES Solar program (Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies 2 – State Energy Strategies ) funding aims to reduce costs of solar set up. Projects increase our  understanding of technology changes, costs and barriers to solar use. They look at solar market issues at the state and regional levels and make the most of the benefits of solar through energy and economic strategic planning.

This program is a regional effort to plan and apply state strategies in Oregon and Washington to achieve the technical, social and economic benefits of solar. Under the federal programs, solar energy use in the Pacific Northwest has grown swiftly to 60 MW in Washington and 103 MW in Oregon.

We are looking beyond capacity goals to set targets for additional benefits: jobs, resilience, and equity. With a plan that adds social and economic benefits of solar, we will increase market growth to triple in three years, achieving 500 MW by 2019. 

Washington Solar Plus Goals

  • Access and benefits of solar energy  expanded to all users in a fair and impartial manner, regardless of home ownership, income, wealth or ratepayer class.
  • Solar projects are developed in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities.
  • The solar industry is able to grow sustainably over the next five years.
  • A clear picture of the benefits of solar power in Washington.

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