Fleet Electrification

Electric car charging at a station

State fleet vehicles are a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from state agency operations. To meet GHG limits established in RCW 70A.45.050, state agencies will need to transition fleet vehicles to battery-electric options.

The State Efficiency and Environmental Performance (SEEP) Office is responsible for implementing Executive Order 21-04 (Zero Emission Vehicles) in partnership with the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). To rapidly transition state fleets to battery electric vehicles, SEEP has established vehicle purchase exemption criteria, leads a comprehensive planning and implementation process, and supports investment in BEVs and EV charging at state facilities. SEEP leverages collaborative efforts with state agency stakeholders to make progress on fleet electrification.

Expedited Rulemaking Initiated: State Agency Requirements to Purchase Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The State Efficiency and Environmental Performance Office initiated an expedited rulemaking on May 9, 2024 to maintain consistency in the rules specifying how State Agencies and Local Governments can meet the goals set forth in RCW 43.19.648.

RCW 43.19.648 requires that all State Agencies and Local Governments, to the extent practicable as determined by rules pursuant to the section, satisfy one hundred percent of their fuel usage for operating publicly owned vessels, vehicles, and construction equipment from electricity or biofuel. Rules for State Agencies were initially adopted in 2013 and are specified in WAC chapter 194-28-070, while the corresponding rules for Local Governments were initially adopted in 2015 and are written in WAC chapter 194-29-070.

In reviewing these rules, Commerce found an administrative inconsistency in the rule language concerning routine charging in the field for covered vehicles. The purpose of this expedited rulemaking is to update the rule language in 194-28-070 for State Agency vehicles so that it is consistent with the rules for Local Governments in 194-29-070.

Important Note: Only State Agencies will be affected by this rulemaking.

Because this change only affects state agencies and is not subject to violation by an individual, Commerce is exercising the authority granted in RCW 34.05.353(1)(a) to initiate an expedited rulemaking. In doing so, Commerce is not required to produce draft rules or conduct a public hearing. The Department has released proposed final rules with the notice of expedited rulemaking (CR 105). If no objections to the use of the expedited process are received within 45 days, by July 22, 2024, Commerce will proceed with the final rules as normal without the need for a formal comment period or public engagement.

Review the notice of expedited rulemaking (CR-105) as well as the proposed changes to the rules in WAC 194-28-070 

Please direct all questions and inquiries to Nick Manning, Legislative and Rulemaking Coordinator, at nick.manning@commerce.wa.gov.