EIA Advisory Opinion Process

An EIA advisory opinion is to review renewable or conservation projects to see if eligible to meet the law requirements. Utilities and project developers can find out if a renewable or conservation project is eligible to meet the targets by applying for an advisory opinion. The final decision will be made by the governing board of the public or cooperative utility that uses the resource for compliance.

The normal application fee is $1,250, but complex applications may be charged for additional costs. Commerce issues an advisory opinion within 90 days after it receives a complete application. The process includes a legal analysis and opportunity for public comment.

Commerce also issues advisory opinions for renewable projects that want a “Washington eligible” indicator on their renewable energy credits. This process is described on our WREGIS web page.

Entities proposing to sell renewable energy or credits to an investor-owned utility may request a declaratory order from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC).

Pending Applications

Commerce is accepting public comment on the advisory opinion applications listed below. Comments should be submitted by email to eia@commerce.wa.gov by July 27, 2018.

Energy Independence Act

Advisory Opinion Application Forms

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