State Energy Outage Map

For the last several years, Washington has been piloting the Outage Data Initiative Nationwide (ODIN) program, led by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. ODIN’s mission is to standardize reporting of electric utility outage information.

The Energy Emergency Management Office is working with utilities to participate in our state-specific version of ODIN, called the Washington Energy Infrastructure Assessment Tool (WEIAT). This tool provides a map that shows real-time, state-wide outage data. The outage map collects data directly from utilities who “opt-in” to data sharing and helps us more easily see the impact of an outage at a glance, which can help responders prioritize delivery of resources to communities.

The public version of WEIAT can be viewed in the Washington Electric Utility Outage Dashboard below.

Washington Electric Utility Outage Dashboard

Click the button below to access the dashboard.

About the map

Outages shown on the map are represented by dots; the larger and more red the dot, the more households (i.e. meters) are without power.

On the lower left-hand side is a count of households affected. The count is dynamic, which means you can zoom in to target a specific area. Be aware that the counter will count outages close to the border in Idaho and Oregon as well.

Click on an outage to see more information (see figure below), including:

  • impacted energy provider
  • cause of outage if known
  • zip code
  • meters affected
  • meters served by that junction
  • reported start time of outage
  • estimated restoration time if known

Don’t forget to click through the arrows in the upper right corner to view more reports in that region.

WEIAT outage map screenshot

More Information

Current participating utilities:

  • Avista
  • Benton PUD
  • Clallam PUD
  • Douglas PUD
  • Mason PUD #1
  • Mason PUD #3
  • Orcas Power & Light
  • Pend Oreille PUD
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • Seattle City Light
  • Snohomish PUD
  • Tacoma Power
  • Tanner Electric COOP

If you would like to participate in WEIAT, or have questions about the map, please contact